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January 15th Ice Report - Devils Lake

A bit of a rollercoaster ride the last few days here on Devils Lake. One day the fish cooperate and the next day they seem to be finicky and scattered. Weather has been consistent so not sure what makes one day an "on day" and the next day slower. We are suppose to have some much needed colder temps in Devils Lake next week so hopefully we can add a few more inches of ice. Ice conditions currently are just ok. Very important to be careful as there are places that are still not safe and the ridges and cracks always can be dangerous.

Walleyes seem to be best in the early morning and late afternoons. Look for humps, rocks, gravel, and weed lines to all be productive. Most days a spoon or buckshot is as good as anything; however, there are days when more subtle lures shine and there have been some days when aggressive j raps have triggered more bites. Work 10-24 feet of water.

Perch are very interesting creatures. There are days when they hammer the lure and there are other days when they seem to only want to look at it. The key is to find them and then figure out a way to get them in a feeding mood. We usually use more aggressive lures when searching for them. If they get lure shy we often down size to smaller tungstens. Minnow heads and waxies are the most productive baits for them.

Good luck to all and please stay safe out there!!


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