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2020 Ice Season is Upon Us!

The temps are dropping, and ice is starting to form on the main lake even! There's been some brave anglers walking out, but remember to be safe! The ice has been very inconsistent and hard to judge at points with the up and down temps. As we inch closer to the middle of December, SnoBear season becomes more of a reality. Stop by today to check out our selection of new and used bears and fish in comfort this year!

Here's the most recent ice report from our friends over at Bry's Guide Service! Stay safe and hope to see you soon!

Hello to all!

Life has really been different these past months and we are all hopeful that life is going to get back to normal very soon.

As for the lake...We have had some cold snaps; however, overall we have had to many warmer days with wind which has taken any ice that was created much much off the main lake. As we get into December we should start to build more ice each week. As a rule of thumb, ice is always tricky before Christmas so if you are planning an early trip to Devils Lake, use caution.

As for the fishing...We are really excited here at Bry's Guide Service about the numbers of walleyes and perch in the system. All the guides are getting their Snobears, houses, augers, and everything else possibly imaginable ready to go for the season.

We will see you soon! Stay patient, safe, healthy, and we really look forward to fishing you soon!

If you are wanting to book a trip give us a call at 701 739-0161 or email at

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